Himalayas drop new rock anthem, "We Love To Hate"

With well over 20 million Spotify plays there is an obvious excitement around Himalayas' debut album when it finally drops, and now that we have another brand new tune "We Love To Hate" out and unleashed in the world it's just generating more hype around an album (which surely has to happen soon).

The new cut is straight up punk blended with some indie-rock sensibilities, haunting vocals, glorious textures throughout and a fantastic change of pace in the latter third.

Speaking about the new song the band say . "Projecting anger outwards towards undeserving targets rather than facing up to and addressing our own problems. It’s becoming easier and easier to pin it on the most popular scapegoats than to go to the root of the problem and try to fix it."

There's a lot more to shout about from the Cardiff band, with only five singles being released from 2017 onward they've done a remarkable job at keeping their fans entertained by playing loads of shows up and down the UK, with their live performances being one not to miss at festivals and gigs.

With the love being given to them by Huw Stephens, Greg James and Clara Amfo all at Radio 1 alongside Gordon Smart of Radio X, Edith Bowman who's now at Virgin Radio and even getting plays on America's KCRW there is a lot of buzz around this quartet, and by the sounds of it the hype won't be dying down anytime soon.

So head the heck down below and check out Cardiff's new leading light in guitar music, now!