In the Belly of a Snake drop soaring new track "Nebula Watching"

The duo of In the Belly of a Snake have recently dropped their soaring new track "Nebula Watching" which is the band's second ever release following on from their debut, "She's The Sun".

The duo of Ricky Butcher (vocals/lyrics/artwork) and Bobby Jennings (music/guitars) met via the Cambridge based band From the Sticks' during their short lived reunion. In September of 2019 they then both started working together on some tunes which turned into some new demos for a new project titled In The Belly Of A Snake - and one of those songs that eventually got out is "Nebula Watching"

The duo are now based out of Cambridge and Leeds and have since been in 'lockdown' creating tracks over email via Logic Pro X with the ideas starting out as a vocal idea from Rocky before pinging it to Bobby who then wraps some guitars around it and forms the initial foundation of it.

The latest track is "Nebula Watching" and my gosh, it's a track that doesn't hang about with it bursting into life from the get-go! I'd love to know who their influences are as this track sounds like the perfect blend of Mallory Knox, Bloc Party, Twin Atlantic and Biffy Clyro.

With some epic soaring guitar hooks kicking it off there is a flavour of late 00's indie-rock about it, with it also being radio friendly but heavy enough to get down and dirty to in a mosh pit at Reading festival in the peak of Summer.

It honestly gets better and better with every play with the summer ready indie-rock anthem being  a testament to how you can really go about creating a track, you don't need loads of people behind you and in your band to create an expansive track that soars above the stratosphere, sometimes the key to it all is talent.

Speaking about the track Bobby says - "Me and Ricky were both looking to go for something a bit more hard hitting and energetic compared to our last release ‘She’s the Sun’, so I sent over this old demo and Nebula Watching was born." With Ricky adding - " ... "Nebula Watching" is a song about finding beauty in the passing of a loved one. The scene is set as a man sits by his wife’s bed side holding her hand while she passes on. It is inspired by the stars and the fact that even though so many of them have died before reaching us, their light goes on." - you can definitely tell that this song is powerful from the first line of vocals and by the end of you're blown away.

If the duo are creating these sort of tracks via email then who knows what they'll come up with when they get together and jam. The start of In the Belly of a Snake is a bright one that looks like it'll be shining for years to come, so head down and check out "Nebula Watching" and tell your mates, these guys really can be massive one day!