Jane shares ethereal new single "Though It Should"

New York City resident going by the name Jane has recently shared her ethereal new single "Though It Should". this new single is her third of 2020 following on from "BumBumBum" and "CONSUMER CULTURE" with this new track seeing Jane moving away from Bedroom-Pop and adding some politics to give the release some more bite.

Her influences range from Janelle MonĂ¡e, The Beatles and Grimes with this new track sounding stunning from the world go. Jane began producing her music back in 2019 after realising that of all the producers she had worked with put their own style on tracks, so she could create the versions of the songs that she created in her mind by herself.

The single has some ethereal vocals mixed in with a delightful smattering of indie-pop style guitars,
I can't get over her vocals, they seem to be the highlight of the track for me, with the melodies before the halfway mark showcasing how good they really are!

It's a indie-pop tune that will certainly be added to one of the classics in years to come, especially when the breakdown hits you in the final third, the raw guitar noises, the electronic synths and the vocals turn into something I can only describe as almost Grimes-esque

"Though It Should" is near six minutes of pure ethereal indie-pop mixed with dreamy hooks all over the place, Jane has made a stunning track here, so why not head on down below to check it out before it goes viral. With five singles out on Spotify so far there is a handful of tracks for you to sink your teeth into once you finish enjoying "Though It Should".