Jon Rooks releases soulful new cut "Can't Stop"

Hailing from the USA there's a lot of new artists trying to break it into the Soul/Funk scene, but by the sounds of it Jon Rooks is one of those who's going to break into it! Here we have a the fantastic new cut from the Columbia, South Carolina based Jon Rooks.

His live band is comprised of him on vocals (as well as Harmonica/Guitar), Arlington (Keys) and Rickey (Drums/Backing Vox) which really adds the depth to his pieces of art, and yes they are art - once you listen top "Can't Stop" then you'd easily agree with me that this is a special piece of work from the songwriter.

"Can't Stop" kicks right off with a piano lead opening that gives way to a soulful track with plenty of vocal melodies and gorgeous pulses of synth - he isn't hanging about to get you hooked, no long intros needed!

In the press release Jon says this about the song "This song is about being frustrated with the cultural and political debate in the media and on social media. It was an attempt to ask good questions that undergird our presuppositions about moral authority. The greatest hope of this song is that we would be less tribal and more humble about our opinions, so that we can have grace for one another. This song at its worst is just a tune with a groove, at its best it is a hopeful conversation starter."

The single release is five minutes of unbridled joy of sheer soul, moulded with some jazzy cues and funk vibes that are drizzled all over it. His crisp vocals laced on top of one another and fresh drum patterns excite you as you feel yourself getting goosebumps when it enters the final half.

"Can't Stop" is a lovely jazzy number that I wouldn't expect to see a sold out gig in New York City, with his vocals sounding on par with soulful singers such as Otis Redding through to more contemporary vocalists such as Justin Timberlake. With Jon performing on the same billing as Cee Lo Green and Babyface there already is a hunger from him and if he keeps on releasing music to this degree then you'll be hearing a lot more from him, mark my words.