Justina Ward reveals haunting new single "Spare Some Light"

Justina Ward has this year revealed her howling and beautiful debut single "Spare Some Light", which is a warm welcome to your ears, as you shall find out.

The debut single was recorded and produced by Justina in her home studio in London, and having not had her music grounded by a produce who'd want to put their own spin on her music the track is purely what she imagined in her head when penning it. She started writing songs back in the 2000's while she was acting in a WAAPA's production of Julius Ceaser.

Anyway, back to the music! Ward is based out of London and the singer-songwriter is already generating some buzz with the track with "Spare Some Light" having some light guitar tones laced upon it -  which sound almost ukulele like.

Speaking about the track Justina says - "Releasing this song during this period is really special to me. I was visiting family in Australia when COVID19 got real. My flights were cancelled, I lost my job, I broke off a relationship and had to move out of my flat because I’d run out of money. My life in London was dramatically severed so it’s been challenging trying to surrender to a new path. What’s funny is that that’s exactly what this song is about."

You've got plenty of strings that get you in the mood for a sensational track, they back up her vocals in the second verse perfectly with the backing vocals adding to the atmosphere of the track. When the track goes down to the bare bones, vocals on top of strings you're really going to get the chills down your spine

Justina Ward has written a haunting and yet emotive track that the masses will love, considering this is her debut release it is beyond astonishing - it's flawless. So head on down below to check out "Spare Some Light" as we feel like this could be a track that'll end up going viral!