Koalra share psychedelic tinted track "Hooked"

Chicago based quartet Koalra are an emerging noise punk band hailing from Chicago, and they have recently shared their psychedelic tinted track "Hooked", with this new track being the first single since the release of their six track EP "Surprise Lights" which came out earlier on this year.

Having previously released their debut album back in 2019 the four piece are now striving for more. Koalra are influenced by the peak 1990's rock music with bands such as Boyracer, The Thermals, The Cure, Dinosaur Jr., No Age and Wavves making a mark on the foursome.

The band have a raucous swirling bass starting off the track with some hazy and psychedelic tinted vocals laced on top. "Hooked" is very sonic and has some almost 1990's-esque effects that gives it a rather atmospheric edge, it's all underlined by that crunching bassline, and with some The Cure sounding guitar lines flowing through it all.

There's an abundance of energy in the short but sweet track giving you plenty of time to dwell over hitting play again, and we feel you'd be going down the same road as us - smashing that play button and putting it into a sick playlist!

They're not hanging about and are already working on releasing their second LP, this time called "The Wakes", and "Hooked" is lifted off of that said album. If they're going to be releasing another album filled with tracks like the psychy come euphoric "Hooked" then we might be in for something special.