Macajey releases soaring new dream-pop track "Mornin"

Estonia's Macajey has recently released his epic and soaring new dream-pop track "Mornin", which is the first single release since his piano lead 2018 cut "About Face" - which sounds like a homage to Radiohead in places.

The Tartu based singer-songwriter has already released two albums, 2016's "Let's Go" and 2018's "Surfing The Air", with this new track heralding a new era for Macajey.

"Mornin" - stylised as Mornin' - is an atmospheric cut that soars through the sky, with some breezy vocals that are a breath of fresh air for your ears. Here he takes you away on a ride into outer-space, you wouldn't have thought that this shimmering single was written by someone from a city that is known to get well below -10'c in the winter, it sounds like it's a soundtrack to an American road-trip.

Macajey sounds like one of Estonia's finest music exports and is by far one of the best Baltic artists we've ever heard. The track is short but sweet with a smattering of brooding melodies combined with drum machine sampling that sounds like Two Door Cinema Club in their peak with some epic additional percussion enhancing it further. There is so much we love with this track, I wouldn't be surprised if the vast majority of listens of this tune is from us lot here!

Speaking about the new single he says - "Life doesn’t have to be so hard it can in fact be simple, and always allowing room for unexpected surprises to come into your life" - and we'd all wholeheartedly agree, this track is a rather delightful surprise, so head on down below and get lost in "Mornin" - and once you have done so check out the "A Gentle Breeze" and "About Face", two more stunning tracks he has.