MIG 15 release new synth-pop epic, "Cowboys & Indians"

Liverpool based MIG 15 have released their fantastic new synth-pop epic, "Cowboys & Indians", yesterday.  It's their follow-up to their 2020 release "Interstellar" and is yet another slice of out and out funky synth-pop with some 1980's sounding vocals.

The went into the studio in 2019, after nearly two years of writing songs that the pair (James McCluskey and Adam Bray) felt they were ready to unleash their timeless blend of powerful electro indie upon the world, once they had the tunes and after some experimentation with their live sound, James Morris on guitar, and Martin Gordon on Drums, were added to the complete the line up and help create the sound they have today!

In "Cowboys & Indians" there is a great use of sound effects in the background, especially with the pinging of guns shooting off - in a western style of course. There's some great vocal melodies with the reverb set just so that there's plenty going on, but not over-powering the instruments.In the chorus especially there's some shimmering synths with a thick bassline dominating the first minute of the cut, with the first bridge being so atmospheric it flows so majestically.

The latter third of the song is the track at it's peak, it's showcasing the band off beautifully with some more guitars making their way into the track, the vocals going even higher into the atmosphere and once the track finishes you will easily find yourself either playing it again or delving into their back catalogue.

Already working with producers such as Rich Turvey (who's worked with Blossoms) and Tord Knudsen from The Wombats. The band has already toured with OMD in the UK and Europe with them also getting on the UK leg of Love Fame Tragedy's tour. There's a lot to get excited over, and I think you'd agree once you listen to "Cowboys & Indians" you too will be a fan, this quartet is going places!