Millennials drop raw new track "Converse"

London based trio, Millennials, have dropped their raw new track "Converse" back in May, and it's found it's way into our ears after giving it a shed load of plays.  This is the first track this year and their second ever, following on from their well received debut single"Adolescent Bloom"

Speaking about the new tune, Will (who wrote the song) says - "Converse came off of the back of working a minimum wage job, feeling low on self esteem and confidence but also knowing that I’m worth more. Mental health in young men has always been a topic with very few answers, unfortunately leading to critical/ severe actions. I wanted to be honest and open, creating a conversation with none other than god, fantasising over a role reversal to see how god would cope."

The thick cut has a smooth and chilled out intro which then gives way to a wall of guitars and bass. The vocals remind me of  pure 00's Indie-Rock with the singer sounding like what Alex Turner would sound like if he grew up from the capital. The breakdown of the track post first verse is beautiful, then you're welcomed back to the noise that is Millennials

Around the halfway mark you'd be forgiven thinking the track is what you've heard so far, but the trio take it up a notch as it goes a bit Oasis style brit-pop with even more distortion on the guitars, more fuzz and some amazing effects put upon the vocals. The guitar solo just before the three minute mark is a stroke of genius, giving the older generation that would be listening to "Converse" a throwback to the big stadium rock anthems from the 80's, with it sounding like something Slash would've written

There is one thing that we love about this band, and especially this song... it's so unapologetic and raw, Millennials have truly entered our conscience and they'll be here to stay, I can not wait to listen to more from this outfit.