NOPRISM return with synth laden "House of Smith"

Having a new band on the blog for us is always a buzz, but what makes it even better is when they come back with yet another exceptional tune, that's exactly what NOPRISM have done. The Newcastle based synth-pop duo have returned with yet another synth laden track, this time taking shape of "House of Smith".

The new tune is synth heavy right from the off, even the drum patterns have an electronic edge with some clean cut and angular guitars to give it a very 80's feel. Sounds like what New Order would sound like if they were a new outfit in the 2020's

There's a lot of elements that synth-pop fans will love, the vocal melodies in the chorus is one of those, another would be the sheer drive it has from the offset.

If you're a true 80's fan then there's even an epic guitar solo towards the end of the track, presumably to give the vocalist a bit of a rest as he must be out of breath by that point. There's so much to love here, the band are all taking it to 110% with it being showcased with how fast paced it is, this really must be a workout when they play it live!

The duo from Newcastle are once again highlighting their natural talent to produce some pretty tasty tunes that will get everyone interested. They have had a string of releases now that have got our juices flowing, you really do need to keep an eye on these two and with BBC Introducing giving them plenty of airtime it really won't be much longer until they release a cracking EP.