Pennan Brae releases lyric video for his throwback tune, "Pay Dirt"

Pennan Brae who hails from Vancouver in Canada has recently released the lyric video for his throwback tune, "Pay Dirt", which is lifted from his latest album "2 Below 0". The album is a soundtrack to the film of the same name, which Pennan even wrote himself and has a co-producer credit.

He's got some mighty stats on Spotify with over 55k monthly listeners with well over 200k plays on his latest album alone! Speaking about the track Pennan says - "I'm a big fan of New York City in the late 1970's and early 80's, it was an epicentre containing a rich buffet of musical genres. There was a punk scene, disco clubs and new wave bands cresting the horizon and timeless rock-n-roll"

"Pay Dirt" is one of those tracks that pays homage to a certain era that helped define the music scene of today, here Pennan focuses on the 1970's punk scene, especially the one in New York City towards the latter half of the decade and into the early 80's

Even the lyric video which accompanies it the track has a massive influence from the era. If you'd want to compare it to bands of the past 20 years it could have comparisons drawn against noisy duos such as the Americana tinted The Black Keys mixed with guitar tones of The White Stripes. Pennan has some almost ghostly hushed vocals with some rather opposite sounding punk riffs that you'd expect to find in the early 80's.

After listening to this it's no wonder he's achieved the monthly numbers and overall plays on Spotify, there's something here that the older generation to the younger ones, a sound and a flavour that we can all relate to. He's really got this track nailed down rather well, with the single currently doing the rounds on AAA and College Radio in North America  those stats will keep on rising, so head on down below to check out "Pay Dirt"