Rey reveal vibrant debut single "Open"

Rey have recently revealed their vibrant debut single "Open", which is the predessecor to his equally colourful track "Augustine". Known also as Alex to his mates he is based out of Long Island in New York (State) with this tune being written, performed and produced from Cherney’s home library turned studio.

The tracks that he made - including "Open" and the aforementioned "Augustine" - were mastered by Steve Fallone, the Grammy award-winning engineer behind artists including Tame Impala and The War on Drugs.

There's a thick bassline that opens the song up before giving away to some sun-kissed guitar tones draped on top of it, some sounds that you'd expect to find in a Vampire Weekend track.

the vocals come in and it's oh so sweet, they're mellow yet with an underlying surf vibe going on, imagine The Beach Boys' Brian Wilson./The track is unapologetically addictive and will reaching for that play button time and time again, and with influences from the likes of Tame Impala and The War on Drugs there is no wonder why his music has such gravitas.

If this doesn't make it into your happy or summer playlists then you'd need a strong look in the mirror and consider your life choices, it's one of those cuts that is perfectly balanced with attitude, smooth vocal melodies and energetic guitars. Rey's music is one you'll be checking out every time he releases something, one of those artists you'll love for a long time for sure.