Saint Mars reveals latest collaboration with Tryzdin - "Ocean Blues"

Saint Mars has recently revealed their latest collaboration with "Tryzdin", with this one being titled "Ocean Blues". The new tune is their second release together of 2020, following on from "Pacific State". The new cut also features Angelo Bruschini (Guitarist of Massive Attack) as well as Britt Warner (of October's Child) of who also co-wrote the song.

The act has got a lot of plays on the streaming channels, with a well established 33k followers on Spotify their songs always tend to be pretty epic, but this new offering is taking it to a new level.

"Ocean Blues" has some delicate piano keys mixed with some gorgeous vocals that open the track up with some shimmering guitar beneath it all giving it even more texture. The track picks up more and more building up for an amazing chorus.

Here you start to hear some influences that the band has, wit the instrumentation sounding almost Radiohead in parts especially with the distorted guitars and whispers of electronics buried in the tracking. "Ocean Blues"  explodes just shortly after the minute mark and really kicks off with the drums picking up and the vocals seeming to get even more astonishing.

It really is easy to see why Tryzdin had millions of people checking his Adele cover, he's not just good at singing that song, he's good at singing, period - well when we say good we mean one of the best!

The music itself does wonders for his vocals, the band - Saint Mars - has made a anthemic track with plenty of dark tones and some experimental sounds to give it a truly unique sound, there's a lot going on in the four or so minutes which'll always have you coming back to "Ocean Blues" for more!