SWiiMS reveal swirling new single "Fill Me Up"

Toronto based quartet SWiiMS have recently revealed their swirling new single "Fill Me Up" which acts as their debut single.  After a few failed attempts to get the project off the ground Ken (Drums) and Colin (Guitar) trailed singer/guitarist Mai, and ever since she laid down her vocals onto their music it was a perfect fit. The band was rounded off with Cian (Bass) joining shortly after, with this being their first ever single release.

"Fill Me Up" kicks off right from the beginning with some dreamy-guitar lines that draw you in from the start with some clean and crisp percussion backing it up.  You wait patiently as the music is so majestic and then the hazy vocals of Mai comes in - with some tones that you'd expect to find in surf-rock.

The new single is a perfect balance between New-Wave and Indie-Rock with all of the elements combining together just before the chorus to give you a sublime treat for your ears. Things get even better when the breakdown after the first chorus comes, it is also equally as gorgeous as the intro with it showcasing the four-pieces talent perfectly.

There's so much harmonies going off in this tune, swirling around the reverb laced guitars like a whirlpool capturing your imagination from the very start. The last minute of the track highlights why we fell in love with "Fill Me Up" from the word go, crashing drums, atmospheric guitar tones mixed in with some distortion and smooth basslines that warm their way to your subconscious.

With some influences ranging from bands that sit in the Brit-Pop, Shoegaze and Dream-Pop genres Swiim have drawn in some amazing sounds and have really crafted a wonderful track here, I can't praise it enough, so do yourself a favour and listen to it below.

Their debut single is "Fill Me Up" is lifted from their upcoming debut  EP "Through Waves" - so be sure to follow them on the socials to stay in the loop.