The Hunna release new track "I Wanna Know"

The Hunna have recently released their brand new track "I Wanna Know", and it's yet again another cracking track from the outfit who are having a resurgence in the past year. The new cut is lifted from their anticipated forthcoming album "I'd Rather Die Than Let You In".

About "I Wanna Know", Ryan explains, "I wanna know is up there for us with one the best songs we’ve ever written, it’s high octane all the way through and doesn’t let up, it’s kind of our motley crüe moment on the album. we played it on tour before we’d even started recording the album from a demo we did with feldy and it was insane every time! it’s story comes from a place of extreme lust & infatuation with someone, wanting to know how they tick, what the feel, what they believe, wanting to be apart of anything they do, almost so much you could literally blow up".