The Taboos drop latest anthem, "Innovative Thinking"

The Taboos earlier on this month dropped their latest anthem, "Innovative Thinking", which is their first tune out in 2020 and follows on from their most streamed track to date "No Miracles". "Innovative Thinking" is only the fourth track ever that the trio have now released since 2018 and by the sounds of it the three lads are getting better with every release.

Two of the band (Alex and Sam) were writing music together since the age of about 15. But in 2016 the two of them moved from Lincolnshire to London for University in 2016, where they met Tom and since 2018 they've been collectively known as The Taboos".

Reading based with one of the best UK music festivals on their door-step, so no wonder they sound like a band who have been around great music their entire lives. Their influences range from Arctic Monkeys, Mini Mansions, The Libertines, Queens of the Stone Age, Peace and The Strokes which all can easily be heard in this new offering.

The new track has an expansive sound with some delightful high notes of guitars wallowing through, commanding vocals that drag you from casual listener to hardcore fan by the time the track is done. The chorus is insanely atmospheric with a crunching bass at the end of it giving you a flavour of what the band can do if they ever went heavier, laced over with some gorgeous melodies with some distortion to give it added texture.

Speaking about the tune they say - "Lyrically, the track delves into the challenges of modern technologies and how humanity’s reliance on it allows it to control our existence. It demonstrates the idea that human emotion is decreasing, turning our individual life experiences somewhat robotic, alluding to the idea that people are transforming into being mere sources of information, as opposed to emotive beings."

The new track from The Taboo's is one of those where when you're listening to it and you think, 'right that arena are they playing at next?' before realising that these lads are starting off still and have just the four tunes. If they keep on laying down cuts like this then they'll be playing to huge crowds all over the place!