The West View shares soaring track "Meet Me Here"

Hailing from Norfolk originally the now Hitchin based singer-songwriter, The West View, has shared his soaring track "Meet Me Here", which acts as his second single release of 2020, with him since going on to release one more since this was dropped.

Known locally as Jake Griffiths he is actually a former DJ who's turned his talent to writing and producing music rather spinning it on the decks, and by the sounds of it we've got yet another great singer/producer in the ranks. Having only been releasing music as The West View since 2019 he's already got shows and festival slots, notable ones have been the amazing venue in his local town Club 85 Hitchin, The Ware Music Festival and the Yaxley Festival too.

"Meet Me Here" is a laid back and calming, with some charming and soft vocal tones intertwined with some warm guitar that opens the track up for the first minute before the single gets a lot more layered in the second third.

It steps up a notch with some thick synths and bass with some crisp drums coming in before soaring guitar tones that help give the track added depth to make it sound like a Radiohead cut. Leading up towards the three minute mark it gets really anthemic, with those soaring guitars being turned up a notch with some melodic vocals layered underneath it to give it added texture.

"Meet Me Here" was recorded, mixed and produced at the fantastic Unit Studios in Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire - do his them up if you're nearby too as the local scene around Hitchin and Letchworth is insane.

When the track gives way to just Jake's vocals and guitar you're left wanting more, the track is one that you'll definitely visit more than the once, and if you like the sound of this feel free to check out his 2019 EP "Silver Linings" and his other two singles released in 2020, "Lifeline" and "Fires", for a solo artist and self producer this is some great work, so feel free to follow him on the socials to keep up to date with his future work, we have!