A Band Called Tom releases vibrant debut single "Coconuts (On Cloudy Days)"

A Band Called Tom has recently released his vibrant debut single "Coconuts (On Cloudy Days)", and from the off it's one of those debut releases that you'll end up loving. Based out of Leeds - which is one of the hottest locations for new music in the UK - he's already had support slots playing alongside the likes of The Manatees and The Covasettes, with more shows pencilled in once the world get's back on it's feet.

There's a shimmering start to the single sets the tone for the next three minutes, with the vocals being oh so sweet, and when they're playing off the guitar tones you're taken to a sunny beachfront, perhaps California thanks to the weather we're experiencing in the UK as of late.

"Coconuts (On Cloudy Days)" could easily find itself being played in Hollister shops all over the world, it's got that sort of vibe, surfy and fun yet with enough slick production to be considered a 20's pop anthem in the waiting. The single was mixed by James Brearley, ex-drummer of The Manatees and is already a standout song of our summer.

"Coconuts (On Cloudy Days)" is a vibrant track that has strong influences from the likes of The Beach Boys, as that is one of Tom's main influences, however the indie-pop sensibilities of The Kooks is also heard here with the guitars tones and fast (yet thick) basslines. There's plenty of sounds going on here, with the aforementioned guitars switching their tones here and there, the bright keys at the end of the choruses, echoing vocals with some serious drive in the latter third of the cut thanks to a pulsating drum beat.

Considering this is a solo project Tom has crafted an amazing track that has been released at the perfect time, honestly the most perfect time - listening to this on a slightly breezy day with the sun ejecting it's rays upon you is nothing short of amazing, it's three minutes of pure surf-pop delight.