Bossyking share bouncy and textured new tune "Before Me"

Bossyking back in late July shared their bouncy and textured new tune "Before Me" with their fans online, and it's found it's way into my inbox and ever since I've been giving it a smattering of plays. The band are consisted of Wayne (Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Production) and Lauren (Vocals/Guitar/Production) and have been releasing music since early 2020, with their first release being an EP titled "Music and Machinery" which had some tunes played on BBC Introducing.

The track kicks off with some bright guitars, distorted vocals, processed drums and some thick bass that drags you in from the get-go, with the vocals getting quite ethereal after the starts with the main vocalist - Lauren - providing those sweet tones throughout. The chorus of "Before Me" sounds like a classic indie-pop anthem, with cascading guitars over the vox, fast paced drum patterns with some thick basslines with a smattering of shimmering synths.

the way Bossyking have taken influences from the likes of trip-hop, indie-pop and electro and moulded it all into one huge track is brilliant, there's lots of textures to explore with the layers shifting and changing every chorus and verse. They definitely like to keep the listener on their feet, which is something to highly admire, and if they keep on creating tracks such as this I wouldn't be surprised if BBC Introducing keeps on giving them spins on the show.

With the band being featured on BBC Sounds' Hotlist back in May 2020 already the future is looking bright for this duo from the Lake District.