Deaf Surf drop crunching single, "Strangers"

Deaf Surf have dropped their crunching single, "Strangers", which is the Brighton based acts's second ever release following the debut single "Sofa" earlier on in the year. The new track was recorded back in January (or as we call it, Pre-Covid 2020) on the Isle of Wight at Studio Humbug.

"Strangers" has some crunchy and thick guitar riffs that welcome you in, giving you a nostalgic trip back to the 00's with the tones reminding us of Bloc Party, Biffy Clyro and even Nine Black Alps in parts. The band have only been together since March 2019 but it sounds like they've refined their sound already.

 Here the band takes you on a roller-coaster ride that is filled with some epic hooks, especially around the one minute mark as it transitions into a brighter track with some shimmering tones creeping through the murky and dark guitar tones.

There really is a lot to shout about with Deaf Surf's new effort, from the bold basslines and shattering drum patterns to the bold and commanding vocals. You're reminded every so often that you're listening to a rock anthem in the waiting by getting some drum fills getting pumped into your ears - in fact, inject it into my veins as I want this forever!

The track is just over three minutes long, but considering how rapid the track is from the off you feel like you've been held captive by Deaf Surf for at least ten, it feels that solid to listen to. It's a great way to get into a band that's just starting out their journey, if this is what they're releasing two singles in imagine what an EP's worth of tunes will sound like!

The new single is out on all major streaming sites now, released via Slingshot Records and once the music scene get's back on it's feet this is one of the band's you need to check out!