Martina Di Nardo releases dark and experimental chillout anthem, "Breathe"

Martina Di Nardo has recently released a somewhat dark and experimental chillout anthem, titled "Breathe" it's the lead track off her EP "Time" and is a standout song from the Italian musician. Now based out of Los Angeles, California she's crafting some truly sonic beats that captivate you from the off, and "Breathe" is one of those. 

The single is chilled and laid back with some trippy beats, with some vocals that remind us of Lana Del Rey's smooth voice mixed with Halsey's edge. It's stripped back to it's bare bones, especially when the bridge comes in - as there is hardly any bridge to speak of - it's just a few instruments that are so glistening they stand out brightly and entices you to listen more and more.

There's a lot of vocal harmonies going on here, slightly haunting with how the distortion goes, lots of old school 2-step beats mixed with some dark-electronica. It really is hard to put "Breathe" into a genre, but that's exactly what Martina Di Nardo is trying to do, it's somewhat rough and experimental yet there's flavours and textures that fans of great music will appreciate and feel at home with.

"Breathe" is slow and yet fast paced, even though the track is stripped back there is a lot of stuff going on and I feel that Martina Di Nardo has created an amazing track that will get lots of people to fall in love with her music, if you're a fan of Grimes, MO and Purity Ring then this track - and especially the EP it's on - is going to win you over.