RAGS AND RICHES drop chilled yet anthemic tune "Summer Nights"

RAGS AND RICHES have recently dropped their chilled yet somewhat anthemic new tune "Summer Nights", released back in July the track has been doing the rounds in our personal Spotify playlists - but really with the band over 1 million plays we feel like we've added a lot to it since this track came out.

Since winning the 2019 edition of the Cincinnati, Ohio Battle of the Bands they've gone on to get hundreds of thousands of plays with their one millionth play coming earlier on this year, primarily down to their storming track "Speed of Sound"

The duo are Peyton (Producer/Drummer) and Tanner (Vocals) and create tunes that sit somewhere between The Chainsmokers style pop textures mixed in with Indie-Rock sensibilities from the likes of Biffy Clyro and Bastille with some anthemic vocals that caress the tune.

Sp, "Summer Nights" - It's bright from the off and never gets shouty at all, with some lashings of bright guitar tones and tribal (almost Bastille sounding) beats you can easily be taken to a tropical island with how vibrant the latest effort sounds.

Speaking about the track the band says - "This song is much needed fun and excitement in difficult times. Ultimately, we wanted to write a song that was carefree, so people could dance in their homes and cars and not feel so trapped."

Tanner's vocals here are just so clean and crisp, they really help project the track into the upper stratosphere. With us knowing that it's all home produced and recorded only adds to the majesty of it all, the duo are really a shining beacon in their state - no wait, their country! If they make more tracks such as this then they'll be known all over the world, so watch out and keep an eye on them!