The Arthurs share atmospheric new single "Something With Oceans"

We've posted about The Arthurs before, and earlier on in the year the band release their breathtaking single "Red Letter Days" - which feels like a lifetime ago due to the world coming to a stop - but the quartet have yet another atmospheric cut for you all.

"Something With Oceans" is the third song that the Amsterdam based band have released this year, and it follows on from their song "Red Letter Days" - see the review here - and their previous effort "Void".

The new song reminds me strongly of The Libertines mixed with the haze and baggy vibes of The Stone Roses, with plenty of Manchester influences notable - I'd even go to the extent that this song might be influenced by The Courteeners perhaps.

The Arthurs are still keeping to their good old mix of atmospheric guitar tones upon guitars as why would you ever want to tamper with something that's not broken and gives your ears a real treat, it's classically raw and dreamy with enough punch to keep you listening to their other tracks once "Something With Oceans" is over - like what it done to me once I finished with listening to it for the tenth time!

The foursome are still at work on their second ever full length album, with this new tune hopefully going to appear on it - and in my eyes it should - as it can easily be the centrepiece of their new LP. The follow-up to 2017's "When I'm Sane" is surely going to be one to keep an eye out for when it get's released.

So keep an eye out on their social channels and Spotify in December as personally, I can't wait!