Orchard reveal glistening debut single "Universal Sigh"

Stoke based quartet Orchard have revealed a bright new indie anthem, titled "Universal Sigh" it's got everything we want and more from an indie-rock four-piece, and considering it's a debut release it is one that'll stick with you for a long time,

Right off the bat we have some delightful indie-pop guitar tones that remind us of Bombay Bicycle Club and early Foals with vocals that get you hooked from the off.

Frontman Tom Harley says - "We want to achieve the sweeping soundscapes of the artists we love. Music that’s from the heart, that swells with emotion and intensity – but that gets you moving as well."

But once the blast of guitars fades away you're welcomed to the world of Orchard, fast paced drumming and warm guitar tones chime away underneath the vocals. Once the bridge comes in the vocals gain and gain before the track explodes with a wash of fuzzy guitars that screech over the top of it all, it sounds partially like what Bloc Party's second album sounded like in places.

Sitting in at 5 minutes long you're treated to something rather amazing, with their influences ranging from Radiohead all the way to The Maccabees there is something for everyone here, and for a debut release this is nothing short of breathtaking. You can easily split the track up into multiple parts, each showcasing what the quartet can do, and I tell you this for free - I can't wait to hear more!

"Universal Sigh" was released on 7th August and will be followed by three more tracks over the next few months, with it all leading to their their debut EP which is due to drop in November. There's a lot of buzz around these lads, and by the time "Universal Sigh" ends you will understand why.