ANNNA shares her new sugary pop tune, "Freddie"

ANNNA is a singer-songwriter/producer who's based in The Netherlands, with Dutch and Latvian ancestry ANNNA is somewhat of a melting pot of genres with Electro, Pop, Synth and darker elements meeting to make some truly amazing sounds.

ANNNA produced the track herself during the first weeks of quarantine while observing what her friends are going through these days. Currently she is sitting at 13,000 monthly listeners on Spotify with her biggest track to date being "Polyester" with it sitting in at 87k plays.

So the track eh, well "Freddie" is an Electro-Pop cut with sounds from the start being comparable to that of Metronomy and Grimes' bouncier tunes. The thick keys throw me back to the late 90's trance scene with some deep thuds entering my ears as the track gains body.

ANNNA's vocals here are just so smooth, like honey over a sugary sweet they're so delightful and you end up loving them from the first few seconds. In the background buried away is some smooth guitar tones that give's the listener something else to love, with the pace picking up before the choruses. 

Speaking about the track ANNNA said - "It's a story about a girl and her Teddy Bear who were told that everything nowadays is possible, however, that's not entirely true, and that's where it goes wrong."

ANNNA's long-awaited release of her EP "Mortgage on Toast'' will be released on November 13th, but while you wait for that she's been several concerts in the Netherlands helping to generate some more hype around the release. There's a big influence here on this track from MØ here with the indie-pop come dark-electro coming together well to produce something that you'll be finding yourself listening to over and over again. So hurry up and follow her on the socials before the is huge!