Lost Club gets dreamy with new track "Easy Love"

Lost Club has recently revealed a brand new track, titled "Easy Love" the new cut is one of those tracks that you'll love from the first few seconds.

Lost Club is actually one man, it's the solo project of Nick Garcia, a Florida native who has a wide range of influences, from 80's music, Passion Pit to more modern Indie legends such as The 1975, and after listening to "Easy Love" you'll easily be able to hear where he get's inspiration from.

The tune kicks off with some dreamy guitar lines and with it backed up with some almost ghostly vocals that you'd expect to find in early New Order tracks. Coming off that the bassline is crunch, almost inspired by New Order's track "Black Monday".

Nick's vocals on "Easy Love" are so sublime, giving the listener something to fall in love with right away - he takes you on a dreamy ride in and above the clouds with his smooth and gentle tones.

Nick Garcia is not just the vocalist and instrumentalist on the track, he also produces his own tunes, speaking about the track Nick says -"I just wanted to put something out there that I can be proud of. If other people can enjoy and get something out of this music, then that's when I feel like I've exceeded what I set out to accomplish."

For a solo project he really has made it sound massive, with some 80's influences creeping through here and there he still keeps it sounding fresh as a can of lager that's just come out from the fridge, as I've currently got one while listening to this single - and it's going rather hand in hand!

If Nick keeps on crafting dreamy anthems such as "Easy Love" then it'll be no time before he find's his tracks getting into the ears of a wider audience. The songs he makes are perfect for any mood, any time of day and will certainly make you feel happy even in those dark times, so head on below and check out the latest track from the Florida native!