Sandcastle Jesus reveal shimmering new tune "Bombshells"

The hand have built a solid reputation for their live shows, with their rowdy fans and crowd-surfing drummer even getting them banned from venues! Nothing wrong with a bit of rowdiness to get your name out there eh!

Hailing from Colchester in Essex, Sandcastle Jesus bring a fresh new sound onto the Essex music scene. This is the quartet's first release since their well received EP "Left Knocked Out", which came out back when everything felt normal in 2019. Since this song has been released it's surpassed any of their other tunes in the listening stats already and is now their most listened song on Spotify, and we can easily tell why!

Speaking about their new track the foursome say - "It’s well documented that young people’s views don’t always get represented in the media and we wanted to highlight this in our own way. The deeper meaning of the song is open to interpretation, but it’s our statement on the way things are being handled in the public sphere at the moment."

Sandcastle Jesus's latest offering has it all, a very 90's alternative intro similar to that of The Smashing Pumpkins coming right into my ears. With some hazy vocals and soaring guitar tones throughout the song is 450 seconds of pure unbridled indie joy, the track honestly doesn't dip below jaw dropping, not bad for a band who have only shared four songs with the world!

They have managed to get their songs played on the radio by the likes of BBC Introducing Suffolk, Phoenix FM & Porch FM.

Their sound ranges from the likes of The Pixies down to newer bands such as Wolf Alice, with a underlying surf vibe to it all with hazy vocals, fuzzed up guitars and a bold amount of basslines ensuring that once this track is over you'll hit the play button once again and delve into their world. 

If they keep on crating anthemic tunes such as "Bombshells" I'm sure everyone will be talking about this youthful and energetic foursome in no time.