SWiiMs share fantastic new track "Hand of Love" from their debut EP "Through Waves"

SWiiMs have recently shared their fantastic new track "Hand of Love" which is lifted from their debut EP "Through Waves". The band hail from Toronto in Canada and have been doing a fair bit of self promotion in their local area as well as charting on the North American College Charts!

The track - and the EP - follows on from their debut single "Fill Me Up", which has subsequently been added to the EP as the opening track.

The track signifies a desire from the band to be one of the next best things, as the way the effort sounds like it's been written for the big stages, festival tents and official Spotify playlists.

Their sound sits somewhere safely between New-Wave and Dream-Pop with both elements being easily heard throughout the track. Soft vocals caress the jangly guitars and crashing drum patterns, with enough tambourine to give it a shimmering glow. By the sounds of it the track fades away, but as far as I'm concerned I'd love to check out the longer version as it holds a lot of atmosphere (one day hopefully!).

If you're a fan of bands such as The Cure, Slowdive and bands as new as JAWS and early Swim Deep then these guys will be right up your street. There's a lot of love for this band from everyone at It's All Indie and by the sounds of it they could be onto a real winner with this formula and sound they've created for themselves.