Carmen drops melodic new offering "Better Luck Next Time"

The Carmen Jacksonville Beach based four-piece has recently dropped their melodic new offering "Better Luck Next Time", which has hit all the right spots for us.

The band have currently got seven tunes currently out in the world wit this new offering being lifted from their forthcoming sophomore EP "Floor". 

The quartet came together in 2018 over a love of early 2000's rock bands such as Arctic Monkeys, Kings of Leon and Muse, originally the solo project of Chad he found three mates to join the band to help bring it to life and we have the line-up we have today consisting of  David (Bass), Daniel (Guitar) Jack (Drums). 

Judging by the sound of the tracks they've released so far it's as if they've taken the best elements of those aforementioned bands to create something everyone can love as "Better Luck Next Time" is one of those tracks that can easily go viral with the right set of fanbases getting on board.

The track itself was released back in August, and it really does remind me of that month as the track feels like it's got some sun-kissed guitar tones and the setting of it all sounds perfect for the festival season - which would usually be in full swing by then.

Speaking about the new single the band said - " ... Better Luck Next Time" is about the one who got away because you never had the real thing to begin with. It's about someone who ended up not being who you though they were and the person you thought you knew was everything you wanted. The song details this experience in a tongue-in-cheek way like, it was always going to be this way but you were too blinded by infatuation to see it."

With the band being recently formed they've not played a huge amount of shows due to the ongoing pandemic we find ourselves in (but when they have their performances have gone down well - see above), however their tracks have worked their way into a handful of decently sized playlists on Spotify and with the band also getting a dedicated local following too. Once things get back to 'normal' I honestly wouldn't put it past them to break out of their local scene and dominate the scene in their state (and beyond).

If you're a fan of those riffs found in Catfish and the Bottlemen tunes, melodies from Arctic Monkeys and crisp production behind it then Carmen's latest track is certainly for you. With a solid back-catalogue already there's plenty for you to delve into - we can't wait for this new EP!