Emmy returns with lo-fi new track "Loops"

Emmy has returned with a brand new lo-fi track titled "Loops".  This is her first single release since the 2017 debut effort "Honey" - since then she's featured on Conor Hughes' 2020 track "Nocturnal Sunlight" which came out earlier on in the year.

The track starts off with some smooth jazz sounds accompanied by the horn section. The intro to the piece sounds like a perfect summer day, with waves washing over the beach with a smooth Rhodes piano draped on it and plinks of guitar laced over it. 

"Loops" sounds like what an addictive drug might be, it's very moreish and gives you a glistening buzz when her vocals come in. 

Speaking about the track Emmy says - "I wrote Loops during lockdown about feeling unfulfilled in your twenties. At the same time, it’s about learning to accept that you won’t feel like this forever and not to be so hard on yourself."

Speaking more about her vocals, there are multiple layers going on here, with the backing vox sounding almost haunting - like almost a devil is whispering naughty stuff into your ear. It's very lo-fi with all of the layers easily heard here, with not too much going on you can truly appreciate this deep and smooth cut for what it is. 

"Loops", which was recently premiered on BBC Introducing by Radio 1 DJ Jaguar and has also had her music played on Made in Chelsea giving her even more exposure. Now if this is what her fans waited three years for then for me it sounds like it's been more than worth the wait, I just hope her next single won't be that long.