Gerry Cinnamon unveils brand new tune, "Ghost"

 Gerry Cinnamon has today unveiled a brand new tune, "Ghost", which is lifted off of the deluxe version of his latest album "The Bonny".

The tune (and the deluxe edition) is backed up with two more Cinnamon deep cuts, "Kapfire Vampire" and "Fickle McSelfish" - which have been re-recorded for this release.

Speaking about the re-release Gerry says - "Been waiting a long time to get those tunes back. Should have been on the first album but that’s what happens when you trust the wrong people.

Ghost, Kampfire, Fickle and Roll the Credits were all written around the same time so it’s good to have them all on the same record.

Hope everyone’s keeping mentally solid. Don’t let the bastards get to you."