Gramofone deliver funky new track, "My Self"

Bucharest based quartet Gramofone have recently delivered a funky new track, "My Self". The track is their fifth single of 2020 so far, which is shaping up to be a great year for the four piece of Paul (Vocals/Keyboard), Vlad (Vocals/Guitar), Cristian (Drums) and Radu (Bass).

Gramofone have some incredibly funky soul influenced tracks already out in the world, all with plenty of vocal melodies to shake a stick at and lots of pop hooks.

"My Self" has sprinkles of glistening keys and thick basslines throughout that helps it give the track plenty of body. You need to think of this track as a bottle of wine, well refined with lots going on. However with loads of stuff you will end up loving upon listening to it more

"My Self" was born out of an idea the band previously had about a circular song and the symbolic representation of the Jungian Self - a mandala/circle. As a result, the song has a circular structure and the lyrics are conveying the listener towards the search for true personality, and redefining one’s true Self. This is also aligned with the 360 video which, as a concept, has a circular structure (360 degrees in a full circle).

The foursome have had their tracks placed into very sizable Spotify playlists such as 'Funk & Coffee' and Romanian based rock playlists, and with the steady rise they're on I'm sure it won't be much longer before everyone in their country will know their name.