I Don't Speak French releases new single "Stay Together For The Kids"

Sweden's very own I Don't Speak French have released their brand new - and epic - single "Stay Together For The Kids" last week.

The track has been steadily doing the rounds here in our office and after 5 days of it being blasted out from the speakers, we think you lot should hear it too.

The start of the track has some sexy basslines intertwined with almost glitchy guitar tones before giving way to rumbling bass and simplistic Glock clicks. The chorus on this new effort has a massive drive behind it, ensuring that you will always be coming back to it for more.

 Speaking about the track they say "With "Stay together for the kids" we chose to go away from our usual uptempo indie rock sound. This track bounces in a slow tempo, with vintage samples, where bedroom pop meets psychedelic rock. The lyrics are about everyday life in the suburbs, where unhappy parents stay together for the kids to keep up the perfect facade for the neighbors."

The new cut from the band sounds like the perfect blend of Foster The People, Jungle, and Easy Life with plenty of pop hooks adorning it.

I Don't Speak French is helmed by multi-instrumentalist, producer, and songwriter HÃ¥kan Persson with his live band and collaborators changing every so often to keep the sound of the act fresh. 

If you think you've already heard his music before you might be right, back at the start of 2020 the track "Blow The Speakers Up" was featured in the worldwide commercial campaign for Samsung Galaxy Note 20. This helped get the band over 22k monthly listeners on Spotify and well over half a million plays (so far). So join the masses and listen to this perfect slice of indie-pop before everyone else does!