joe valentine shares sexy new single "bad"

Today the Los Angeles based joe valentine has shared his sexy AF new single "bad"

From the start, it sounds like it could be a haunting affair with the bark of a dog and trippy synths leading the way, but as they glitch out it's followed by some chewy basslines that are so thick and gives you a smooth pulse in your ears.

Speaking about his latest single joe says -  "I wrote 'bad' in the dark. It's the sexy dark pop banger I've bottled up since I hit puberty as an awkward ginger kid in the suburbs. It's raw and in your face, a surrender of innocence."

The breakdown of "bad" is pretty anthemic and the chorus too gives you a sense of being at a festival at - way past midnight - dancing along to some sexy beats. There's something charming about this new track from joe valentine, it's got some smooth vocals that awash the whole track and will almost certainly get you to hit that play button over (and over) again.

"bad" is out now and it acts as the third of seven singles off joe's upcoming debut album, "paradise", which is due to drop in April 2021.