La Sante releases glistening new pop tune, "Stick Around"

Stockholm's La Sante has recently released their glistening new pop tune, "Stick Around", which is their second ever single following on from the debut effort "We Belong Here".

With some love already given to Nikki (La Sante) by P3 Sveriges Radio there's mounting hype from yet another Scandinavian artist that knows how to make a fantastic pop track. 

On "Stick Around" there's a perfect blend of dream-pop and shoegaze with plenty of shimmering synths lacing the track from the off. Here the vocals are just pure and sweet with the listener finding out rather quickly that Nikki's tones are nothing short from breath-taking. 

With multiple layers of his vocals on top of each other you're treated to something that could borderline psych-pop if it had a bit more reverb.

The light and airy track is not far off indie-pop perfection with some unapologetically sweet synth tones all the way throughout the track. If you love "Stick Around" then you'll definitely love La Sante's other work, so what's stopping you, head on down and sink into the world that Nikki has created.