Lava Suit share visuals for latest single, "Follow"

The Frankfurt-based act Lava Suit has recently shared the visuals for his latest single, "Follow", and yes that's right - his. 

Lava Suit is a solo project of Gideon Kretschmer who is a songwriter/producer and has broken out of the Frankfurt scene this year with a trio of captivating songs. The latest effort is yet another collaboration with Thai writer Ramon Rabie with Gideon himself singing in this new cut.

The vocals on "Follow" are crisply mixed in this track as it's just perfectly balanced off with the atmospheric guitar tones, and warm synths ebbing and flowing away in the background. 

When listening to Lava Suit's new track helps you really reflect and gives you a sense of peace in this turbulent world we find ourselves in currently. The intro is very ethereal and evolves steadily into one of the dreamiest tracks we've heard in a while.

Coming into the latter third of the track is evolves even more with more effects on the guitar, equally evocative and emotive vocal hooks with plenty of haze washing over it.

Once this track is finished you're left breathless as if you've heard a truly majestic track - as let's be honest, that's exactly what this is.

If you want to listen to more then head on over to Lava Suit's Spotify page where you can check out the trio of songs he's released.