Ocean Flaws drop new cut "Spirit Level"

Way back before covid-19 gave us a big slap in the face in February Ocean Flaws dropped their debut single "Deep Sea Dreaming". Now the Essex based quartet are back with a dreamy follow-up, "Spirit Level".

Once again it's a gorgeous slice of indie-pop with lots of synths that you'd find in a Blossoms track mixed with some ethereal vocal lines. The chorus once again is a shining beacon that shows us what the band is capable of.

Having been championed by us and John Kennedy at Radio X the band has found their tracks in multiple Spotify playlists by the lovely crew at This Feeling and The Luna Collective - both with a sizeable following. 

The foursome has had well over 45k plays from their debut single and this is just the start of a great career for the Brentwood-based band. 

With plenty of washed-out guitars, shimmering synths, and warm vocals Pale Waves need to keep one close look over their shoulder as Ocean Flaws certainly sound like they're going to be the next big thing!