Odesity drops a howling new tune, "Loveless"

Odesity hails from the North of Queensland in Australia, and the producer has dropped an absolutely howling new tune in the form of "Loveless".

He has been slowly drip-feeding his fans with tunes since the end of 2019 and currently has a quartet of tunes currently doing the rounds on Spotify and Soundcloud.

The latest effort from the highly talented producer has some equally smooth production on it from the start - sounding like it's something Flume or ZHU creates. 

Throughout the piece there's glistening electronic drum patterns that are intertwined with some purely mesmerising vocals that get distorted beyond recognition. However not too distorted, more twisted and mutated to make them sound rather haunting yet hypnotising and beautiful.

Odesity said of the single, "I'm super stoked at how this song turned out, I can’t believe I almost shelved the instrumental!"

The song was so close to not even being so, as this was a long-lost demo that Odesity sent to a friend to check out - before they sent it back with those epic vocals that helped turn it around and gave us what we have today!

My name is Hayden, I'm from Townsville, North Queensland and I make music under the pseudonym Odesity. I'm reaching out as I have a brand new single, Loveless, out 16/9/20 and I wanted to send it over for you to listen it.

From what we've heard in "Loveless" and his previous two singles there's a lot to get excited about here. it seems that Odesity is going to be one of the next stars of the Australian scene if he keeps it up at this rate, atmospheric and yet haunting, it's a great combination - so head on down below to check it out.