Paul J Rogers releases haunting track "Planet In Pain"

The Brisbane based singer-songwriter has been actively writing music for a while, and this single acts as his second release of 2020.

If you haven't heard of Paul before he's a fantastic artist who crafts some cinematic tracks that captivate the listener from the off with some shimmering guitar tones and haunting effects

His vocals in "Planet In Pain" remind me of early Nick Cave in parts with the gruff underlying tones giving it plenty of atmosphere, mixed in with the chorus' soaring strings and you're given something to really sink your teeth into.

The release's whole tone is rather dark, and as we mentioned earlier fairly haunting in places. There's a fine balance of Coldplay's atmospheric tunes mixed in with some Radiohead and Phil Collins (especially towards the end).

If you listen closely to the track you hear you'll hear him singing "our planet is in pain", "let's clean up this mess" and "marching on the streets / to claim justice from the suits". Paul is a big activist in the environmental movement, and for the 25+ years he's been a part of the movement he's got himself a dedicated fanbase with him even getting playlisted on Spotify by Green Music Australia and being in rotation on Extinction Rebellion's very own Rebel Radio.

There's much to love here, and if you loved what you heard be sure to check out his previous work too, it's definitely worth your time!