Rafa releases banging debut track "Fight No More"

Rafa has today released his debut track, and if there's nothing we love more is a track that blows us away a bit, but what makes it better is when we are told it's a debut effort. 

Born and raised in Australia’s capital Canberra, Rafa has Dutch and Colombian parents which help his creativity as he draws from both nationalities which gives him a diverse sense of melody and rhythm helping him craft some epic tunes.

Big love has already been giving to Rafa by none other than Triple J Unearthed and I can easily see why.

The cut starts off with a trumpet and right away I'm hooked. If you know me well at all you'll know two things get me going, a good cowbell and some decent horns in a track, and this piece of music is one I knew I'd love from the off.

As the horns fade away you're left listening to an absolutely fantastic piece of electro-pop with plenty of oomph, with the breakdowns laced with plenty of atmosphere and scratches of vinyl being spun for good measure. 

Rafa's vocals here sound like something you'd expect to find on a Chainsmokers track as they're just so damn commanding. If you're a fan of Calvin Harris' work - especially when he collabs with alternative artists - then you'll love this stonking belter of a debut single - just hurry up and head on down below to check it out.