Tyla Jane shares atmospheric new tune "Westside Romance"

Brisbane based Tyla Jane last month shared her atmospheric new tune with the world, titled "Westside Romance" it's her second ever track and marks a huge statement from the talented artist.

So far she's got a solid following in her local music scene in Brisbane (Australia), and alongside that she's managed to get some love given to her by none other than Triple J. The highly regarded radio station  has put her track "My Oh My" in their 'Unearthed Top 100' giving her countless airplay with recently seeing her music being placed in their 'Home & Hosed' Spotify playlist.

Her new effort sounds like a mix of CHVRCHES and their electronic stylings and Lana Del Rey's atmospheric pop tunes, here you find it with some soaring vocals that gently kiss your ears and gives you a warm feeling when you're listening to the cut.

Speaking about the track Tyla says - " ... "Westside Romance" celebrates the idea of young love and youthfulness. Giving off a bright and full of life type energy."

The chorus is pulsating and beautiful with the basslines giving you something to really get stuck into, and when the track goes to just a handful of layers it get's even more intimate.

As we mentioned before the vocals here are right up there with the best, and when the light synths ebb and flow around them it lifts you up and gives you that feeling of pure elation.

Tyle Jane has truly made a synth-pop track to be proud of, and if I was her I'd not stop creating tracks like this as it sounds like she's found the perfect recipe for her music, she's a talent that needs to be heard.