We Are Scientists reveal new track "Fault Lines"

 We Are Scientists have today returned with a punchy new track, "Fault Lines", which is their second tune of 2020 after their rather relatable track "I Cut My Own Hair"

Singer and guitarist Keith Murray explains  - "Look, I’m generally reluctant to get into song meanings and lyrical analysis, under the best of circumstances. With a song like Fault Lines, I’m even less inclined to dive into that sort of thing than usual.  If someone wants to read about (or, hell, see direct evidence of) partisan divides, subjective realities, intractable convictions, and perpetually-recalibrated contextual frameworks, they can just check their social feeds at any given moment. At least Fault Lines pairs those ideas with sick guitar riffs, extravagant falsetto vocals, and a bonkers, flange-soaked drum fill. That’s why music is better than social media."