Cult Icon drop stunning debut single "Cold Street Shade"

The Merseyside band Cult Icon have recently dropped their stunning debut single "Cold Street Shade", which really compliments their high energy and swagger filled live shows.

The debut effort is raw and sensational right off the bat, with some delightful deep and brooding vocals backed up with crunching guitar and bass. The band hasn't been together long in this guise but since forming they've performed on the live circuit in and around Liverpool, supporting the likes of The Jakobins.

Speaking about the tune the band say - "It covers being lost and alone in a city with nowhere to go and nothing to do" 

You can easily imagine this being in a Bad Boys soundtrack by how epic and cinematic it is. This debut single from the quintet has already found its way into a handful of Spotify playlists ensuring that they start off on the right foot, getting a steady flow of monthly listeners already too.

"Cold Street Shade" is simply put as dark and downright dirty, you can easily hear some of their influences here such as The Black Keys and Iggy Pop, especially with the tuned-down guitars and hazy vocals, and as a debut single there is a lot to expect from a band that'll surely be breaking out next year. 

Expect an EP from this lot in 2021!