Pastiche reveals storming debut single "Chasing Down The Fame"

Dublin based singer-songwriter Pastiche has recently revealed her storming debut single "Chasing Down The Fame". The tune has already been playlisted by several tastemakers on Spotify and is a solid track to launch a music project off with as it's got everything we love and more.

"Chasing Down The Fame" has a strong opening. with the vocals layered perfectly on top of airy synths and raindrops, it could easily be a metaphor for her breakout single, as you'll soon find out that Pastiche is a new act that you need to keep an eye on.

Once the intro subsides the track explodes into something bigger, with distorted vocals adding in plenty of atmosphere, choppy glitch-tinted guitar hooks and thick bass starts off the next segment of the debut effort. Her vocals here are sensational, raw, emotive, and yet smooth enough to give your ears something to fall in love with.

Pistache has lots going in her debut single, with some almost Daft Punk sounding elements, combined with Billie Eilish's pop sensibilities and some dark elements she's certainly onto a winner here, and with this being her first ever release there's huge excitement surrounding the Dublin based artist.

Be sure to give her a follow on the socials as she's bound to blow up any time soon based on this track alone. With more tunes in the pipeline, this is an artist we are already excited to see more of in the coming months.