Alpha Mortal Foxtrot reveal atmospheric single, "Would You Save Me?"

Alpha Mortal Foxtrot released their atmospheric single "Would You Save Me?" at the tail end of 2020, and it's their fourth-ever release since forming back in 2019. The Alt-Rock quartet are based out of Jakarta, Indonesia, and was formed by Raiden (Drums) and Ricky (Guitar) before enlisting friends Adrian (Bass) and Wiku (Vocals & Guitar).

Sonic textures that help push the track into the stratosphere, it's a track that'll have you coming back for more very quickly.

Their sound is a combination of a fusion of influences that span from the mid 60's to the present day, there are sonic textures associated with the likes of Interpol here - heard in the form of the warm guitar tones. When the track reaches the two-minute mark it gives off the flavour of Pink Floyd mixed in with The Smiths.

Speaking about the latest single, the band said - "This is an ode to our belated friend who passed away due to cancer."

Wiku's vocals have elements of 00's Morrissey about him, hush tones that help soften the song down, even when the wall of guitars come in the latter third, and when those guitars come you're blown away. Indonesia is one of those under-rated countries in the world, natural beauty, delightful people and now they have one of the best emerging Indie bands in Asia.

You need to listen to "Would You Save Me?" now, it's the best thing to do! Expect to hear more from them by the end of the year as they're planning to release their debut album in 2021