APEX kick off 2021 with thumping new single "DRIFTER"

APEX kick off 2021 with thumping new single "DRIFTER", which is a welcomed return for the St. Albans based quintet.

The single follows on from a strong 2020 where it saw the band release their debut single - "CITY GIRLS" - as well as two other strong cuts "FALLING" and "FAKE FEELING". Combined the tracks have all gone on to get the five-some just shy of 10k monthly listeners on Spotify.

APEX are going all out here and showing everyone what they're about, and lads... it's a belter.

With "DRIFTER" it really sounds like the band have found out who they're all about, crunching riffs with soaring vocals help create a vibrant cut to be proud of. 

The new tune was released at the turn of the year and is already their most streamed song to date, with it also being placed in two huge Spotify playlists, 'All New Rock' and 'The Rock List'.

Speaking about the track, the band says - "The tune itself shines a light on the fact that no matter the damage if you weather the storm, a horizon of ‘better’ things is always to come."

With the band building upon their previous release's success every time they drop a new tune, I'm sure it won't be long before their music is getting thousands of plays a day!