Barry Locke shares honest single "He Comes To Me With Trouble"

Barry Locke has shared his honest new single "He Comes To Me With Trouble" in the past month, and it's his seventh single release since he started releasing tunes back in 2018.

Two of Barry's biggest performances have been when he performed at Trafalgar Square as one of the finalists in 2018's Prides Got Talent, and also when he performed a full 60-minute show at London's Big Smoke Festival.

Locke's raw and honest lyrics help you to create a very clear picture of what the song is all about, relationships and love between one and another. 

"He Comes To Me With Trouble" sounds like it deserves to be in a blockbuster movie soundtrack, it's got lots of emotive lyrics and crisp production, it's just superb!

"He Comes To Me With Trouble" has a taste of laid back Biffy Clyro tunes. The single has sort of anthemic drum beats associated with cinematic movie soundtracks, it honestly sounds like it's been written with a big Hollywood film in mind.

Speaking about the new single, Locke said - "This track is about my relationship of 15 years and how that fated first meeting spelled trouble looming as I would have to contend with my own inner turmoil. Love comes in all forms and even though this new love of mine threatened to be ruinous, I followed anyway...and now here we are, still together and still very much in love, regardless of how the past 15 years have shaped us, jaded us, changed us."

Track picks up towards the latter minute, soaring higher than it was ever before, and helps end the track with a crescendo that leaves you wanting more. Thankfully there's plenty more work from Barry Locke on Spotify as he has six more tunes for you to sink your teeth into.