Best Seller of the Same Name drop 106-second long psych-rock epic "Fake Your Escape"

Spanish outfit Best Seller of the Same Name last week dropped their 106-second long psych epic "Fake Your Escape", which is their third single since releasing music at the start of 2020.

Written by Tom Carter (the sole member of the band) it's a short but sweet psych-rock track that will definitely warrant a second play at the very least.

It's 106 seconds of pure psych-rock bliss.

Being based in the Catalonian city of Barcelona he's got a lot of shimmering sunshine for most of the year and you can easily hear that through the bright guitars throughout the song, complimenting his hazy vocals.

Speaking about the song Tom says - "The song is about getting out of a difficult situation, it seemed apt for Christmas when we're all desperate to escape our families!"

Best Seller of the Same Name will be releasing new songs every two weeks in the lead up to a debut LP in Spring 2021, with Tom aiming to do shows once permitted (man we miss live music).

If you love to sound of what Best Seller of the Same Name has to offer then fear not, there are two more tracks out there for you to delve into - and yes, both are a lot longer than this. With more tunes planned to be out this year as previously mentioned, be sure to check out his Spotify page to be kept up to date with it all!