Blake Anthony Robson releases soulful new cut "Take Your Hands Off Me"

London multi-instrumentalist Blake Anthony Robson released his textured and soulful new cut "Take Your Hands Off Me" at the end of 2020. With the release of his last album "Death in a Life Form" in 2020 too, Blake is one of those artists that love to let his creative juices flow.
"Take Your Hands Off Me" blends a few genres together to create something that's so textured you swear that you can touch it. 
Blake Anthony Robson mixes epic guitar lines, warm synths, and almost church organ sounding piano keys. There are so many layers for the listener to delve into that it warrants multiple plays to discover all of the instruments, it's something that needs to be played at full blast to take advantage of how stimulating it is.

Tumbling drums enter the fold towards the tail end of the track, and once they fade away you're left with your jaw wide open. What Blake Anthony Robson has done here is to create something truly sonic and inspiring. 

Blake Anthony Robson is now working on his fifth and sixth full lengths album now, one will be a Folk and Americana style and the other being more Electronic/Indie focused - once again showing how good of an instrumentalist and songwriter he truly is. 

To be sure you don't miss out on it all be sure to follow him on Spotify and the social channels, based on this track alone we're imagining it to be nothing short of spectacular.