Blood Red Shoes and Projector reveal collab track "I Just Wanna Lie In Bed And Drink My Wine"

Blood Red Shoes, Nancy, and Projectors have today revealed their collaborative track "I Just Wanna Lie In Bed And Drink My Wine". 

The track is lifted from the AA Sessions which has an interesting history. Back in 2018 Whoever appeared that week at the AA Sessions - aka Agricultural Audio - had to write and record a song that day, with no exceptions. The end result was an EP chock full of tracks by artists collaborating with each other, usually with the bands having no idea what the final product would sound like.

So this Alt-Pop cut is the first from the latest offering of AA Sessions, with this lot being 12 releases culminating in them all being released on the last Friday of each month - so be sure to subscribe to their AA Sessions 'artist' channel on Spotify.